Results for Eagle

  • Campaign Manager   for Councilman Brad Pike in 2019– Brad Received Most Votes of Any Councilman candidate
  • Organized Multi-Faceted Ada County GOP Efforts  in Eagle in 2021 to Help Two City Councilwomen in 2021.  Team Eagle:-Knocked on 1,000 Doors; Served 12,000 Digital Ads, Sent 4,500 Mailers & 9,000 texts and Made 1,900 phone calls
  • Both Councilwomen  Won by 2:1 Margin

 Results for Ada County as Ada County GOP  Chairman – The Party Helped…

In 2020:

  • Flip Ada County Commission to GOP Control
  • Flip Ada County Legislative Majority to GOP Control
  • Help GOP Candidates Win all Ada County Officers’ Races

In 2021:

  • Flip 2 West Ada School Board seats - GOP now controls WASB
  • Protected Garden City from takeover by Progressive Slate 
  • Increase GOP Voting: GOP cast 150% more ballots in 2021 than 2017.
  • Party has Raised $300,000 Since June 2020; Invested $140,000 in 2020/2021 Races

 Results for Idaho

The Ada County GOP Directly Advocated for:

  • The Fetal Heartbeat Bill (S1309)
  • The Coronavirus Pause Act  (S1381)
  • Income Tax and Rebate  (HB389)
  • Property Tax Cut  (HB741)
  • Victor is the Co-Host of Red Wave Radio Show on KIDO with Local, County, State, and National Republican Guests