“Please join me, Congressman Russ Fulcher, in supporting Victor Miller for another term as Precinct Committeeman in Precinct 1414 and Chairman of the Ada County Republican Party.

Victor has spent his time and talent to raise funds, organize, and evangelize Faith, Family and Freedom on behalf of Republicans…and under his leadership the parties’ efforts have yielded tremendous results: defeating Democrats to gain Republican control of the Ada County Commission, West Ada School Board and of the majority of Legislative Seats in Ada County, electing a Republican to Boise City Council, beating back a progressive slate in Garden City and working especially hard in his hometown Eagle in the 2019 and 2021 municipal elections.

Keeping Ada County “Red” will only become more difficult as growth continues to urbanize the region. But with leadership from people like Victor Miller, republican efforts to champion our Constitutional principles will prevail.”

– Idaho U.S. Congressman Russ Fulcher

Victor Miller Earns the Endorsement of Mayor John Evans of Garden City!

I’m super proud of the work the Republican Party did in Eagle!  Knocking 1,000 doors – 4,500 mail pieces – 12,000 digital ads served!

I’m also super proud of the work the Republican Party did in Garden City fighting off a Progressive slate that tried to take over the city!

Garden City has only 37% registered Republicans but Mayor John Evans got 57% of the vote!!  The party knocked 1.000 doors there too, did a radio ad and five mail pieces!

I’m proud and grateful for Mayor John Evans’ endorsement!

“Idaho State Controller – Brandon Wolf – Victor’s Strength And Commitment Has Built A Great Organization In Ada GOP!”

Commissioner Rob Beck Endorses Victor Miller – Victor Brings Energy to the Party!

As a resident of Victor Miller’s Precinct, a resident of Eagle and the Ada County Prosecutor, I proudly endorse Victor Miller for Precinct Committeeman in Precinct 1414. Victor has been a committed precinct committeeman since 2018.

Victor has worked tirelessly on behalf of the City of Eagle. In 2019, Victor led a team of committed citizens from Eagle to help elect current Republican City Councilman Brad Pike and knock Democrats off the Council.

In 2020, Victor was elected to serve as Chairman of the Ada County Central Committee in 2020.  Under Victor’s leadership, he has had incredible success in electing Republican candidates and strengthening the Republican Party from the grassroots up by implementing Ada County Republicans’ first formal Strategic Plan in 30 years and by raising over $300,000 to invest in the 2020 and 2021 elections.  Victor’s commitment is real; I can’t tell you how many of my campaign signs he personally fixed across Ada County in my 2020 race!

In 2020, Victor received the well-deserved honor of being named County Chairman of the Year among Idaho’s 44 counties. What Victor has accomplished in 2 years is extraordinary. I have no doubt Victor will continue his success and effectiveness in his next term as a Precinct Committeeman for 1414 in Eagle and as Ada County Republican Chair.

I urge you to re-elect Victor so he can continue the important work he is doing on your behalf. Please visit his website at https://victormillerforidaho.com/ to learn more about Victor’s extensive experience and his successful results.

Jan Bennetts

Ada County Prosecutor

Resident of Eagle Idaho

Resident of Precinct 1414

“I heartily endorse Victor Miller for Re-Election to his Precinct 1414 because of his unwavering commitment to Conservative Republican principles, his unmatched work ethic and his dedication to the town of Eagle and Ada County.  I am the Mayor of Star and became a Precinct Committeemen myself in 2020.  I have served in the same Legislative District as Victor for two years.  In 2019, I watched how Victor led a small campaign team to help City Councilmember Brad Pike win his seat on Eagle City Council and watched how his team worked with other campaigns to dramatically increase turnout that swept Democrats in Eagle out of power.  And as a member of the Ada County Central Committee, I have watched the Committee grow more effective in fundraising, grassroots activism and electing Republicans.  In 2021, I watched how hard the Ada County Republican Party worked in Star and Eagle – knocking doors – sending mailers – making phone call – dropping digital ads – sending texts.  Victor has promoted Eagle and Star by inviting Mayor Pierce and I on the show he co-hosts, “Red Wave Radio.”  Victor truly loves being a Conservative Republican and loves serving the Party.  We are better for it.”

Trevor Chadwick

Mayor of Star Idaho

Victor Miller Receives Endorsement from Idaho Choose Life
“Idaho Chooses Life strongly endorses Vic Miller for Precinct Committeeman in 1414. Vic Miller is a champion for preborn babies. He has long been a tremendous blessing to this ministry and we appreciate the leadership he is providing to the entire county.”
David Ripley – Executive Director – Idaho Chooses Life
Code 3:1 Endorsement
Dear Precinct 1414 residents –
Code 3 to 1 – Retired Law Enforcement Officers of Idaho – is proud to announce its support and endorsement of Victor Miller for Precinct Committeeman in Precinct 1414. It is our member’s collective
personal experience that leads us to endorse Victor Miller for Committeeman of Precinct 1414. Victor personally invested considerable effort in turning Eagle back to firm Republican representation in the
2019 and 2021 elections. With a proactive and conscientious approach to governance, Victor has raised a significant amount of money for the Republican Party and has led the Party to considerable victories
that have led to Republican majorities in the Ada County Commissioners’ office, majority Ada County Republican representation in the State Legislature and significant majorities at the West Ada School
Board. Under his leadership, the Party defended Garden City from a take-over by progressives and helped get a Republican voted onto the Boise City Council.
Victor has been working hard at supporting our Idaho law enforcement officers and supporting conservative leadership in our state. Victor has done a great job representing your precinct, district, and
all Republicans in Ada County. We ask that you vote for Victor Miller for Precinct Committeeman in
district 1414.