Victor Miller Precinct Committeemen 1414

Your Current Precinct Committeeman – A Committed Conservative That Gets Results.  Hello, I am Victor Miller and am currently your Precinct Committeemen and have been since 2018.  I had the honor of being elected as the Chairman of the Ada County Republican Party in 2020.  At both the Eagle City and County level I am committed to the mission of the Ada County Party as set out in its bylaws:  “to promote the Republican Philosophy, build and strengthen the Republican Party from the grassroots up, and elect Republican candidates.”  Personally, I am committed to keeping Eagle and Ada Red and defending Faith, Family and Freedom.

I am Committed to Keeping Eagle Bright Red:  In Eagle, I have been very committed to changing the course of the composition of the Eagle City Council since I saw what happened when voter turnout in 2017 was a disappointing 17%.  This low turnout led to victories by Democrats at the Mayor and City Council level.  In 2019, I committed hundreds of hours as the Campaign Manager for current City Councilman Brad Pike.  With the help of a team of six committed “Team Pike” campaign staffers, and by coordinating and amplifying the campaign efforts by working closely with Mayor Jason Pierce’s and Councilman Charlie Baun’s campaigns, the combined efforts led to dramatically higher turnout levels in Eagle – to 42% – in 2019 – and Republicans won handily.  In our race, Councilman Brad Pike captured the most votes among the five candidates running for that office.  And in 2021, the Republican Party invested heavily in helping Councilwomen Gindlesberger and Russell sweep to margins of victory of over 2:1!  The Party knocked 1,000 doors in Eagle and supported the Councilwomen with mail pieces, phone calls and texts.

I am Committed to Making the Ada County Republican Party More Effective:  At the Ada County level, I have spent thousands of volunteer hours to revitalize the Party and dramatically ramp-up the energy of the grassroots efforts by the Precinct Committeemen.  This combined with the unselfish work by hundreds of volunteers, has borne great fruit. The Republican Party has worked hard at raising and investing funds in campaigns, putting together our first-ever Strategic Plan, investing thousands of volunteer hours, knocking on doors to represent our candidates and getting out the vote.  These significant “grassroots” efforts have paid significant dividends for Republicans.  We recaptured Republican majorities at the Ada County Commission and at the State Legislature in 2020.  And in 2021, for the first time ever, the Republican Party committed to running a very active, intense campaign in “non-partisan” races and the work of the Party delivered fantastic results – capturing a Republican seat on Boise City Council, dramatically changing the composition of the West Ada School Board (from 3-2 Democrat to 4-1 Republican), repelling an effort by a Progressive slate to take over Garden City and sweeping all City Council seats outside the two we lost in Democratic strongholds in Boise.
I was humbled when I was named the County Chairman of the Year among Idaho’s 44 Counties in 2020.

Ada County Republican’s New Strategic Plan Envisions a Bigger Role for Precinct Committeemen:  In 2021, the Ada County Party changed the role of the Precinct Committeeman by adopting our new Ada County Republican Strategic Plan by adding mandatory participation in one of seven standing committees – committees focused on Getting Out the Vote, Expanding the Party, Charity work, Fundraising and more.

I am Committed to Passing Conservative Legislation in Idaho :  At the State level, I have personally advocated legislation and the Republican Party has made “Calls to Action” through the Ada County Republicans Facebook page for legislation supporting pro-life (2022’s “Heartbeat Bill” and 2021’s “Trigger Law”, medical freedom (“The Coronavirus Pause Act”, encouraging Ada County’s legislators to come back to the capital to deal with Covid issues affecting Idahoans in November 2021 and 2022’s “Crisis Standards of Care Act”), Tax Cuts/Rebates in 2021 and 2022, an important Property Tax bill that would have sought to eliminate property taxes and social issues (supporting the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act”) and other legislation.   And I have the privilege of co-hosting “Red Wave Radio”, a radio program on KIDO-AM & FM that brings local, county, state and national Republican perspectives to the Treasure Valley.

What Means Most to Me:  On a personal note, my proudest moments are with my family life; my 27+ years of marriage to my favorite person in the world Whitney and our son and our daughter and her new husband.  We love our church, and I have proudly served as the Treasurer for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes for that last nine years and truly enjoy running the Idaho Student Leadership Forum as part of Idaho’s annual Prayer Breakfast.

Please Re-Elect Victor Miller as Your Precinct Committeeman:  I ask you to re-elect me as your Precinct Committeeman so I can continue my work in our neighborhood, our City of Eagle, Ada County and the Great State of Idaho!